Lessons From the Life of David

Book #7 is due out November 15th!

It is a book organized around King David. Here are the lesson titles:

  • David & Goliath
  • David & Bathsheba
  • David Confesses His Sin
  • David & Mephibosheth
  • David & His Music

I’m excited about this book! It mixes some strong life-application takeaways in the Bathsheba lesson with some strong covenant theology in the Mephibosheth lesson. Plus, the “David & His Music” lesson will take you on an unusual tour through the Davidic Psalms to see what David spoke about most.

After that, in early 2024, we will release perhaps our most important book ever: “Suffering & Evil: The Five Pillars in a Christian Worldview.”

It is humbling to hear about so many small groups that are trying and enjoying and learning from our booklets in “The No-Prep Bible Study Series.” We promise you many more high-quality booklets over the next few years.