Next Book = “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”

Already in process is book #4 — “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”. It’s looking really good and I’m excited about it! Here’s the lesson titles:

  • Hava Tells Her Friends
  • Peter Tells Cornelius
  • Eric Tells The Chinese
  • I Love To Tell The Story
  • Twill Be My Theme In Glory

It should come out in June.

Long term, we are planning for a total of 15 more (yes, you read that right, 15 more!) bible study books over the next 5 years.

Most already have titles and super strong outlines. On the docket are:

  • The Greatest Rescues in the Bible
  • This Changes Everything!
  • Detours
  • Jesus’ Greatest Miracles
  • The Five Pillars: Biblical Answers To Suffering and Evil
  • The Trinity: How Not To Be A Heretic
  • Memoirs of the Apostles
  • Pick The Right Pharaoh
  • The Best Wisdom Psalms Ever
  • The Three Parts of You

But for now, keep an eye open this summer for book #4, “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”. You’ll love it, I promise!