Next Up!

Our next three booklets are in process:

  • “Suffering and Evil” — release date of July 15th
  • “The Greatest Excuses in the Bible” — release date of Oct 15th
  • “Origins”– coming in early 2025

I’m excited about all three of these newbies!

Additionally, due to the continued popularity of “Jesus’ Most Popular Parables,” and “Jesus’ Most Challenging Parables,” we are planning a third parable booklet called “Jesus’ Most Provocative Parables.” Look for it in 2026.

Lessons From the Life of David

Book #7 is due out November 15th!

It is a book organized around King David. Here are the lesson titles:

  • David & Goliath
  • David & Bathsheba
  • David Confesses His Sin
  • David & Mephibosheth
  • David & His Music

I’m excited about this book! It mixes some strong life-application takeaways in the Bathsheba lesson with some strong covenant theology in the Mephibosheth lesson. Plus, the “David & His Music” lesson will take you on an unusual tour through the Davidic Psalms to see what David spoke about most.

After that, in early 2024, we will release perhaps our most important book ever: “Suffering & Evil: The Five Pillars in a Christian Worldview.”

It is humbling to hear about so many small groups that are trying and enjoying and learning from our booklets in “The No-Prep Bible Study Series.” We promise you many more high-quality booklets over the next few years.

“Jesus’ Most Challenging Parables”

My second parable book came out July 14th–Jesus’ Most Challenging Parables. Feedback has been super positive, especially on the very first lesson: The Pharisee & The Tax Collector. Here’s all the lessons:

  • The Pharisee & The Tax Collector
  • The Sower
  • The Lost Sheep
  • The Ten Bridesmaids
  • The House Upon The Rock

Honestly, I think this booklet is our most powerful to date!

Here’s how you tell our two parable books apart:

  • Jesus’ Most Popular Parables = blue
  • Jesus’ Most Challenging Parables = yellow

Coming soon are:

  • Lessons from the Life of David (Nov 15th)
  • Suffering & Evil: Biblical Answers in a Christian worldview (early 2024)
  • Origins (mid 2024)
  • The Trinity (late 2024)

“Your Most Valuable Stuff”

Our 5th Bible Study book–“Your Most Valuble Stuff” will be released in mere days. The feedback we are already getting says it might be our most powerful life-changing book yet! Here’s the lesson titles:

  • A Very Expensive Palace
  • Some Very Expensive Perfume
  • Whose Stuff Is It, Anyway?
  • Whose Life Is It, Anyway?
  • Change Your Moniker, Change Your Life

Look for this purple little Bible Study book on Amazon as always!

Also — Coming this summer is a NEW parable booklet called “Jesus Most Challenging Parables”. Here’s the parables:

  • The Pharisee & The Tax Collector
  • The Sower
  • The Lost Sheep
  • The 10 Bridesmaids
  • The Two Foundations

Our Mandarin Books Are Free!

Yes, both our blue and red books have been translated into Mandarin and are absolutely free! We have not scrimped on these. They look, feel, and read just like our English books, except of course, they are in Mandarin.

We definitely want to bless the Chinese community with these books and truly expect to see some Mandarin speakers saved!

Just email me at and I’ll get them out to you immediately!

Good for teens too!

Several things have transpired that have led us to start promoting our bible study books to the teen crowd, and not just adult community groups.

The adult SS class that I teach has had several teens (& pre-teens!) participating for 6 years now. These kids learn boo-koos, and honestly, very little of the material is over their heads.

So, you might want to consider our popular bible study books for the teens in your church–or the ones sitting on your couch right now!

Next Book = “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”

Already in process is book #4 — “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”. It’s looking really good and I’m excited about it! Here’s the lesson titles:

  • Hava Tells Her Friends
  • Peter Tells Cornelius
  • Eric Tells The Chinese
  • I Love To Tell The Story
  • Twill Be My Theme In Glory

It should come out in June.

Long term, we are planning for a total of 15 more (yes, you read that right, 15 more!) bible study books over the next 5 years.

Most already have titles and super strong outlines. On the docket are:

  • The Greatest Rescues in the Bible
  • This Changes Everything!
  • Detours
  • Jesus’ Greatest Miracles
  • The Five Pillars: Biblical Answers To Suffering and Evil
  • The Trinity: How Not To Be A Heretic
  • Memoirs of the Apostles
  • Pick The Right Pharaoh
  • The Best Wisdom Psalms Ever
  • The Three Parts of You

But for now, keep an eye open this summer for book #4, “Telling Others The Story of Jesus”. You’ll love it, I promise!

Group Leader Tip #10

Always Bat Clean-Up!

When you throw out a question never give your answer first.

Let at least one or two people go first. Then, when you feel the time is right, give your view, example, opinion, or answer in a wrapping up sort of way.

There are many reasons why this works best. Just trust me on this one and bat clean-up, not lead-off hitter!

Happiness vs. Purpose

Our third (and perhaps best) Bible Study booklet was just released on Amazon on September 3rd. It is burnt orange and called “Happiness vs. Purpose”.

Lesson titles are:

  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Deceitfulness of Riches
  • The Four Callings
  • Double Check Your Calling
  • The Best Way To Proclaim Him

Our guinea pig groups said the last two lessons were life changing.

Get a copy of “Happiness vs. Purpose” and use it with your small group at church! Groups easily work through the 10-15 questions in just 45 minutes. And people invariably learn things from the scriptures that they’ve never quite seen before.

Mandarin Books Are Now Available!!!

Our own Chinese friends loved our first two books so much last year a couple of them offered to translate our books into Mandarin.

The projects are done and the books have arrived!

They look just as good as our English books available on Amazon, maybe even better!

I gave some books away to two different Chinese ladies on Tuesday. (They were piano student moms). When one of these Chinese ladies (who has extremely low English skills), saw the books, her eyes got really big and she insisted I give her both books, not just one. She then proceeded to read “Jesus’ Most Popular Parables” in her native Mandarin during her son’s whole piano lesson.

Honestly, giving someone good Bible materials is one of the most effective ways to proclaim Christ. (At least that is what I believe and teach.)

All our books tend to have at least one or two calls to faith–when a lesson easily lends itself to that. So a non-Christian can read our booklets and will not only be blessed by God’s word, but be challenged to accept Christ.

If you have a Mandarin-mostly friend, and want to give them a fabulous Mandarin bible study booklet, contact me at With a little effort and a few dollars, we can make it happen.

Perhaps your Mandarin friend will get saved.

The Chinese culture does value books a lot, and it is our guess that really and truly, there aren’t a whole lot of good Bible study materials available in Mandarin.