More Books Coming Soon!

Four more books are coming very, very soon.

“Happiness vs. Purpose” is coming out in July. According to our guinea pig groups, it promises to be our most powerful bible study book yet!

Our first two Chinese books (Jesus’ Most Popular Parables and The Most Glorious Psalms Ever) will also become available in July. We are super excited to see how the Lord might use these books amongst the jillions of Mandarin speaking folks on the planet. Our probable outlets for these two Chinese books are likely Alibaba, other Chinese websites, No-Prep Bible Studies website, and perhaps also on Amazon.

Lastly, we are almost done with a regular book. Yes, you heard that right, a regular book! It is an autobiography by Rudy & Joanne Sheptock who adopted and raised some 50 children, many of them with severe disabilities. Joanne’s incredible salvation story and the Lord’s miraculous provision for this really big family form the core of this 9,400 word micro-book.